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Happy Visits

A Happy Visit is the Best Visit

Everyone is familiar with the kind of dog who gets really anxious coming to the vet whether they have owned one or seen one in the lobby of the hospital. Dogs that must be dragged through the doorway and are trying to hide from every little thing they see. Some of these dogs become so fearful it turns into aggression – growling, biting or lunging when at the clinic. When dogs are so fearful at the vet, it can cause stress for the dog and the owner as well as the staff having a harder time providing the care that the dog needs.


The fear that the dog develops is often time a negative association created from a previous visit. Sometimes even nail trims can make a dog stressed out and think negatively to coming in. Most dogs only come to the clinic to have things done to them, such as vaccines and blood draws, or when they are sick. Times like these eventually make the dog think they come in for bad things to happen. Happy visits help improve and prevent negative associations by creating positive experiences! By frequently bringing in your dog, fearful or not, and receiving treats and love from our staff can help your dog be excited to come in for any visit!


Happy visits are beneficial for dogs of all ages! If you have a dog who is fearful or stressed when they are at the hospital, happy visits can be a wonderful way to change that negative association. With frequent happy visits, a dog that is nervous at the hospital can easily be turned into a dog who loves coming in! For puppies, happy visits can help create that positive association early on so there won’t be any hesitation to come to the vet. These puppies will learn to be relaxed when coming in that future visits will be stress free and run smoothly.


Happy visits are very easy to do and fun for you and your dog. Simply stop by with your dog and let your dog get lots of free attention and treats. Our staff love being able to interact positively and spoil your dog with a variety of treats and pets. They can be quick in and out visits full of treats, or even a little longer visit that include getting a ton of cheese or peanut butter.  Without any treatment that may make them stressed, they will begin to realize a trip to the vet can be the best day ever!


If you have any questions or would like to know more about Happy Visits, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss how we can make your dog’s visit fun and stress free!

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